A water-based cleaning and health system, is produced by the Aura Gmbh company, headquatered in Frankfurt, Germany. Since its first year of production, it has had the ear of hundreds of thousands of families worldwide in a short while with its advanced technology and 100% cleaning capability. Roboclean, which is introduced with a special presentation technique to customers by trained dealers, has become the choice of families all around the world, who give a great deal of importance to health and hygiene.

Features and Technologies

"The House Cleaning System" The World has chosen

Roboclean cleans the air of your house. It replaces bad odors with clean, refreshing smells. It cleans everywhere, from carpet to couch; from bed to blanket; and from hard floor to beneath cupboards; from paintings to flowers and even you clothes. It uses WATER as a dust absorber and cleaner while doing so. It provides 100% hygine because it has no dust bag.

"Achiving Cleanness with Water"

Just as wet dust cannot stay in the air and fly around when it rains, Roboclean cleans the air of your home provides a dust free living space by taking the natural cleaning cycle in nature as an example. Roboclean does not uses water to retain the dust. It will never clog up nor will it ever lose its suction, since water does not have any pores. As a result all the allergens (dust, dust mites, pollen, mold etc.) in our home are captured inside the 100% dust retaining water and are eliminated from your home. The heart of Roboclean is consist of a 1000 watt motor that operates at 27,000 RPMs and a separator that is made out of a special, durable material. The separator decomposes even the smallest dust from the air and keeps them in the water.

"Limited Lifetime Warrantry"

Aura Roboclean (M) Sdn Bhd recently has launched the limited Lifetime Warranty which is the only one in the market offer. Grab the opportunity for this limited time period.

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